Aeternum is an alternative investment manager with a strategy to invest in public and private companies across the Nordic region. The mandate is flexible both in terms of size and regions, but the main focus of the investment strategy is to apply an active ownership model to drive sustainable value creation in quality companies in the small and mid-cap segments. Through in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis, Aeternum invests in public undervalued return expanders and overlooked industry leaders. Aeternum also invests in private companies in high-growth business verticals, with a strong value creation potential.


Aeternum identifies underperforming and overlooked quality companies with significant value creation potential. The investment process starts with a comprehensive screening of the addressable investment universe, to identify opportunities for further in-depth analysis of individual companies in selected markets. This is followed by industry expert discussions, advisory board input and final discussions and decision by the investment team. Sustainability is an integrated part of the investment process and the NBIM exclusion list will be followed.


Aeternum applies its investment criteria framework to ensure focus on high quality companies with significant value creation potential. The companies we seek to partner with are often industry leaders in consumer, healthcare, business services, software and gaming and industrial niches, with strong tailwinds from important structural megatrends. In addition, the companies must have a strong company culture, attractive business models with high, recurring quality revenue and be a niche-leader with pricing power in the marketplace.