We believe in people!

When we invest in a company, we make sure the team running the business is strong, have a relevant background, and the right spirit to succeed. The same goes for us. The team at Aeternum consists of seasoned investors with different backgrounds and skillsets from investing in companies, both private and public.



At Aeternum, we appreciate unique operational and long term experience from both private companies and public markets. Our advisory board reflect such knowledge and is an important discussion partner to our investment team. The advisory board and industry experts we work with, are also important as trusted advisors to management and boards in the companies we invest in. When combined, it creates a strong case for active long-term value creation in our portfolio. Our advisory board currently consists of Kristina Willgård, Per Bertland, Anders Moberg, Torben Jörgensen, Sverre Hurum, Staffan Hanstorp and Rosie Kropp.